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This web page is intended to be a source of information for the descendents of Kolpacks who originated in an area of Europe once known as Prussia. Specifically, these Kolpacks are from the Rosenberg district of the province of West Prussia as it existed in The Kingdom of Prussia and The German Empire from the late 1700's to the early 1900's. This area is now in Poland and all of the towns have been renamed.

The Four Branches of Kolpacks

We have identified four distinct branches of the Rosenberg Kolpacks. These are the Christoph Kolpack Branch, the Albrecht Kolpack Branch, the Oskar Kolpack Branch, and the Karl Kolpack Branch. These four branches can be fully expanded downward from the identified patriarch, but we have had no luck in tracing these branches back to a possible common point. But a link is likely, so we all call ourselves "cousins".

The Christoph Kolpack Branch is one of the oldest traced. Christoph was born in 1817 and lived much of his life in Rosenberg. He brought most of his family to Shawano County, Wisconsin around 1869. The are a large number of his descendents around today, many in Wisconsin. The most active PackNet members of this branch are Susan Kolpack, Karen McKinney, and Gloria Lucht Forrest, all in Wisconsin. The outstanding Christoph web pages were created by Gloria.

The Albrecht Kolpack Branch is the smallest branch in terms of descendents, with The PackNet WebMaster being one of them. Albrecht was born in Rosenberg in 1873 and immigrated to Wisconsin in 1889. His father's name was Carl. No records have been found of Albrecht's birth, nor of a likely Carl Kolpack. Christoph had a son named Carl, but he is probably not Albrecht's father. The most active PackNet members of this branch are Bruce in Washington State, and Dave, Jeff, and Idamarie in Fargo, North Dakota.

The Oskar Kolpack Branch stayed in Rosenberg the longest. Oskar was born in Rosenberg in 1904. The family immigrated to a little village near Delmenhorst / Bremen, Germany in 1945 to escape the Russians. The most active PackNet members of this branch are Jens and Juergen in Germany.

The Karl Kolpack Branch wound up settling in the Buffalo, New York area. Karl was born in Rosenberg in 1850 and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1880's. Jeff Kolpack, Karl's great-grandson is putting the pieces together. Contact Jeff about the web page he's putting together on MyFamily.com. Jeff's email address is jkolpack21@adelphia.net.

Kolpacks on the Internet

Alderman, Linda Kolpack, Sonora, CA
Feak, Mary Kay, Michigan
Forrest, Gloria Lucht, Green Bay, WI
Kolpack, Bruce, Black Diamond, WA
Kolpack, Dave, Fargo, ND
Kolpack, Idamarie, Fargo, ND
Kolpack, Jason, Madison, WI
Kolpack, Jeffrey Dale, Buffalo, NY
Kolpack, Jeffrey Paul, Fargo, ND
Kolpack, Jens, Hannover, Germany
Kolpack, Juergen, Westerstede, Germany
Kolpack, R. Jack and Ruth, Antigo, WI
Kolpack, Rolf Peter, Delmenhorst, Germany
Kolpack, Susan & Marty, Antigo, WI
Kolpack, Wesley, Sonora, CA
McKinney, Karen, WI

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