The Oskar Kolpack Branch

Auguste and Oskar Kolpack Auguste and Oskar Kolpack circa 1955.

Oskar Kolpack Family The photo to the right shows the Oskar Kolpack family in about 1955. In the back row are Guenther, Auguste, Oskar, and Helmut. In the from row are Hans-Juergen and Herbert.

The two photos below were taken at the wedding of Gisela and Hans-Juergen on 10 June, 1966. The first photo is of Guenther, Herbert, Hans-Juergen, and Helmut.

Kolpack Brothers The second photo features the Kolpack brothers with their wives. In the back row are Hans-Juergen, Herbert, Helmut, and Guenther. In the front row are Gisela, Gertraud, Rosemarie, and Hanna. Kolpack Brothers and Wives

Kolpacks in 1985 The photo to the right was taken in 1985 at the 25th wedding anniversary of Gertraud and Herbert. Featured are Helmut, Gertraud, Rosmarie (background), Herbert, Hanna (background), Gisela, Guenther (background), and Hans-Juergen.